Blue Mind

In a time where burnout rates are at an all time high and we value busyness over our own mental and physical needs, I left all land behind me and turned to the sea to seek refuge. Submerged by the vastness of the view in front of me while gazing at the horizon, this experience let on to be the start to my pursuit of rest. Fascinated by the view I repeatedly went back to this place to capture the sense of calmness that I experienced while staring at the horizon.

‘BLUE MIND’ explores this pursuit ofrest through a serieof seascapes. The work encapsulates the restorative powers of the sea and reflects on how we value rest versus busyness.

The final form of the project comprises three parts prints, a photobook and a collaborative element in which the viewer is invited to finish a print of the series.

This project strives to convey the essence of taking time off and encourages viewers to reflect upon their own relation to rest